Raíces Real Estate Launches Innovative Mobile Office

The real estate firm Raíces Real Estate launched its mobile office, an innovative office, which aims to bring its services closer to potential clients who wish to save and invest in lands.

The mobile office has a minimalist design, innovative features including wi-fi, mini-bar, LED screen, its own generator and air conditioning, as well as two desks for customer service.

The truck also has a sink and alcohol gel dispenser, complying with the corresponding sanitary measures. “This project is the result of a strategy that seeks the disruption of the usual processes and, therefore, a radical change in the customer experience,” said Ernesto Vazquez, Marketing Manager at Raíces.

“The office is equipped so that the client receives complete attention when he wants to acquire a land, from the visualization of the offers in a geolocated online map displayed in a LED screen and the generation of a digital proposal until the signature of the contract. The complete sales management can be done in the mobile office,” added Ernesto Vazquez.

The design and construction were in charge of Mario Von Glasenapp of PubliMóvil, a 100% Paraguayan company, which also supports the reactivation of other sectors of the economy.

“For Raíces Real Estate, it is a source of pride and satisfaction to enable this model of service, since we seek to constantly evolve in our level of commitment to our clients, this time offering them an office with unique characteristics in the market,” he concluded.