Raíces foresees the construction of the Bali IV inside the Aqua Village

Bali IV will be a building with luxury units, which will be located within the Aqua Village Condominium, in Altos, minutes from downtown San Bernardino. It is anticipated to initiate works already in November and its culmination is projected for August of the 2022, according to Elaine Gómez de la Fuente, Product manager – Aqua Village of Raíces Real Estate.

Gomez de la Fuente said it is a building designed for families: with units of 2 or 3 bedrooms, social area with integrated kitchen and in some cases even service rooms. “An apartment in Bali is like an apartment in paradise. With the concept of “feet in the sand” the Bali´s are constructed in the forward edge of the beach, and particularly this building is different from the three previous ones to have departments on the first floor with a private garden and departments in 5º floor, with private terrace. Imagine the view from that terrace on the floor 6″, she said.

The apartments are intended for a segment A: Aqua Village owners, family or friends who buy because the family got bigger or even as an investment. And for those who aspire to have their second home in a magical place, she said. “The building is planned with 24 units, 4 units per floor. Since the apartments are built on the entire floor, they have a view of the Crystal Lagoon and the mountains. A real luxury, she added.

It has a lobby and laundry; in addition, the building has a private pool with a large deck to enjoy with family and friends. But the important thing is the common spaces of the condominium, it has besides the Crystal Lagoon of 2.6 hectares a beach bar, club house with a culinary concessionaire of first level, tennis courts, spaces for bonfire with friends and a park of almost 60 hectares to enjoy with walks or on bicycle. The building has its own power generator for all the facilities, which adds a plus to those who live there.


The average price is US$ 250,000. “Raíces has its own financing system for up to 48 months in the case of this building. An initial payment and installments, or even reinforcements can be made”, added Elaine Gómez de la Fuente, Product Manager – Aqua Village of Raíces Real Estate.

The advantage of buying well is the price. Right now, the price list is at its lowest point, so those who buy your unit now have that comparative advantage, she said.

The properties in Aqua Village have a particularity: they are more expensive every year, it is a place that is valued very much, therefore a purchase in well is very convenient.

“We obviously check the client’s ability to pay according to the payment plan they request and we ask for the normal documents that are required in any real estate negotiation. It is very important that buyers can demonstrate the origin of their money when they make these purchases because we work totally aligned with the policy of the Treasury and Seprelad,” she said.