In addition to the Branches and Attention Centers, the fees can be paid in these authorized payment stores:

Online payments can also be made in these banks

  • BASA
  • BBVA
  • GNB
  • ITAU

The payment of the REAL ESTATE TAX is made from the year following the purchase of your land, and it is up to you to make the payment at the Municipality corresponding to the location of the land.

The basic requirements to acquire a lot of Raíces, in an open neighborhood (land), is to present a copy of your Identification Card, be free of Inforconf, present a service invoice (to locate the current place of residence) and complete the application provided by the advisor, plus the payment of the first installment on the chosen land.

That is correct. From the first payment, the possession is immediate, and also you are responsible for the maintenance and care of the land purchased.

Financing plans are extended up to 130 months for lands. In the case of Condominiums, each product has different plans according to its characteristics, therefore, each quote is managed directly with the Commercial Advisor.

In case you want to transfer your land, it is necessary that you are up to date in the payment of your instalments (until the month that the transfer is made) and have paid the real estate tax of the current year.

This management is done personally in the offices of Raíces and all fees must be paid.