Raíces innovates with virtual tours for clients

The sale of properties had a key change with the implementation of digital platforms in replacement of the physical samples of the lots, houses or condominiums in this new way of life.

In that sense, Raíces Real Estate was already working on this kind of innovative strategy about three years ago. Although the pandemic accelerated the processes, this greatly facilitated the reinvention of the company, said Ernesto Vazquez, marketing manager of Raíces Real Estate.

From the physical experience of showing clients homes, the environment and a range of emotions, the industry must now deliver that experience or feeling through other channels.

“Today we have to show the profitability, the trend line that the company gained in recent years, all through virtual tours and prove that what you offer generates value to the person,” explained Vazquez.

Also, they created a platform for buyers to see the land online and thus facilitate the sales process. “Sellers now show the digital map with the prices online, in addition to videos to be able to sell that way,” added the executive.

Raíces Real Estate has a complete service offering from land and houses to large condominiums with more sophisticated features such as Aqua Village located in the city of Altos or Costa del Lago in Hernandarias, which are projects that have the concept of community living.

Its other line of business is the houses built within the condominiums with the purpose of making the neighborhood more dynamic. On the other hand, they are the only company specialized in the creation of consortiums of co-owners.

In addition to offering the revaluation of prices over the years, they also provide added value to the development of services and good experiences, Vazquez said.

“We have a 360 solution, whoever wants to buy a land, apartment or a house we have offers for all sectors,” he said.