This is Aqua Village

In these times, we have learned the value of closeness, the value of being together. We know that nowadays this concept has become an element that generates emotional moments, given that, although families remain united to their first ring, the external family, constant friendships or close groups, have been limited in their social actions.

In our Aqua Village condominiums, the concept of summer house has been completely rethought, with people living in them even though they are more than 60 km. away from the capital. Of course, the accesses, alternative roads, and road changes made from Asunción make it easier to decide and stay in Aqua Village. This is proof that we are part of a system.

For Aqua Village, this is an opportunity, but not in an insensitive concept, but a concept of discovery, peace and solidarity in an autonomous, safe, exclusive community, that have been generated throughout these years of constant expansion and infrastructure.

We think it is time to:

  • Discover the value of families.

  • Discover the value of friends, even if they are far away or if they are only seen by zoom.

  • Discover the sanitary controlled environment safeness value.

¡All of that is summed up in living in Aqua Village!