Il Capo is the new gastronomic proposal of Aqua Village

The Aqua Village condominium welcomed a new gastronomic tenant: Il Capo, the renowned Italian food restaurant offers residents the opportunity to enjoy the scenic beauty of the condominium’s surroundings and to delight in a plate of good pasta. In addition, the condominium owners will be able to plan and celebrate birthdays, share family dinners, baptisms, weddings, among other events.

Il Capo is already thinking about the new season, preparing chairs for 100 people inside the Club House, with all the security and distance protocols. Meanwhile, the Beach Bar is intended for consumption outdoors and in front of the beach. Also, the inhabitants can enjoy appetizers in the patios of Bali, even, to take them to their houses.

“Our strength is pasta, the specialty of the house, but we have a super varied menu that includes meats, chickens, risottos, fish, salads and incredible desserts. In the Beach Bar we have minutes, sweets, snacks and several options for breakfast and other snacks,” said Paola Bresanovich, owner of the restaurant.

In the same way, the drinks menu accompanies the food menu with the best Argentinian and Chilean wines, distillates, appetizers, delicious drinks and infusions. Among the most recommended recipes are ossobuco with sweet potato gnocchi and salmon ravioli; meanwhile, the most traditional dish that never goes out of style is Gnocchi Il Capo.

“We are receiving more and more orders and new customers, so we think it is a favorable response and we hope to continue growing,” said the owner. Condo residents can visit the Club House on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays during lunch and dinner hours to enjoy exquisite dishes. For its part, the Beach Bar is open Tuesday through Sunday from 9:00 to 19:00.

For more information follow them on social networks: @Ilcaporestaurant